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Indo Civet Coffee

indonesia harvesting kopi luwak
We are a family run business with a passion for premium - SPECIALTY ARABICA - Coffee Luwak (or also known in Java as Kopi Luwak) and are very fortunate to have direct access to the farmers who collect this very rare and exotic coffee beans from the wild. Our goal is to provide the finest quality of Coffee Luwak that you can find anywhere. We are also UNIQUE to many others as we are serving you mostly with SPECIALTY GRADE ARABICA COFFEE LUWAK while many others are serving mostly with the commonly available Robusta Coffee Luwak.

Our activity In Indonesia
We are regularly staying with, educating not to hurt the luwak, and supporting our long time families - Sumatra and Java farmers in the remotely villages - while collecting this very limited Coffee Luwak from them.

Long term Friendship and Integrity is our philosophy
We avoid to carry and deliver any non luwak bean. It is common to know that some kopi luwak bean out there are fake, so be careful about this.

Our activity in the U.S.
From both Newark and Milwaukee, we deliver this most expensive coffee bean in the U.S market to indulge your precious moment…
We decide not to set up our physical permanent coffee house but to offer this Coffee Luwak online so that you can conveniently reach us without geographical limitation at any time you wish to do so.

Our activity in Europe
Similar to the U.S., we are willing to hear from you and can deliver this Coffee Luwak beans to your premium satisfaction. Contact Us!
Indo Civet Coffee pays a fair price to the farmers for its coffee beans while also supporting the protection of wild civets and their forest habitat.
Five percent of Indo Civet's profits are donated to the society and churches in Indonesia.

Corporate Gifts

We offer a bespoke Corporate Gift Service for companies looking to offer their valuable clients a memorable moment.

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